Company History


CCS Kent Ltd was founded by John Tatham in 1987 when, after years in the fire brigade, where he successfully ran his own watch, due to back problems, he had to retire from the service.

Having seen first hand how cleaning contractors often worked during his time in the brigade, He identified a need in the cleaning sector for the modern approach of a fresh new company, combined with the personal touch that can only be achieved when owners get involved at the ground level with their clients. “CCS” or “Complete Cleaning Services” as it was first called was born.

His goal was for CCS to acquire clients and then not lose them again through poor communication or workmanship, a problem which many contractors encounter.

His vision for what he wanted to provide has been realised and as a result, 23 years later, CCS still has some of its original customers.

In 1997, as CCS went from strength to strength, John realised he needed to bring in some help and Simon McGrorty joined on a consultancy basis. By this point in the company’s development, CCS already had worked for well known clients such as The Co-operative food and retail divisions and KCC.

Simon had spent a number of years in retail management where he learnt the skills in customer satisfaction and business management that he would need to help propel CCS forward in the demanding world of commercial cleaning.

Realising the potential they offered each other, John and Simon incorporated CCS in August 2000 and the company known today as CCS Kent Ltd was born. As they wanted to focus purely on commercial clients, CCS was rebranded as Commercial Cleaning Services. It was decided to add the Medway part to the name to keep the personal touch with local clients and to ensure that as the company grew, it kept a separate identity from other abbreviations of CCS.

Company Focus

Cleaning is our obsession!

From CCS Kent’s beginning in 1987 CCS aimed to set itself apart from it’s competitors. This was and still is achieved by:

  • Focusing on good lines of communication with its clients and staff
  • Ensuring that the right staff are hired and then trained properly
  • Planning for each member of staff, once trained, to stay with that client to provide continuity and reliability.

To ensure that we still make the difference to our clients that we always have done we are constantly comparing ourselves to our competitors and listening to our clients about their needs. As the company has grown, we continue to offer the perfect service as now:

  • When obligatory or requested by the client all of CCS’s staff are CRB checked
  • All CCS staff wear uniform
  • We assign an account manager to each client
  • Hours of work are guaranteed

These things make a real difference to CCS’s clients, contact us now on 01634 714447 to see how this would work for you.