Restaurant Cleaning Services in Kent


The standards of cleaning achieved by a restaurant or pub cleaning company must be excellent, amidst current market conditions for Restaurants and Landlords.

With the increasing cost of food coming at a time when the sector as a whole is relying heavily on cuisine sales, and the introduction of the smoking laws, CCS Kent recognises that its restaurant and pub cleaning service plays a key role for its clients who want their customers to dine as well as consume wine!

CCS Kent can boast having some industry leaders as restaurant and pub cleaning clients because its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of cleaning is exemplary.

The reason for this is that the same basic principles of cleaning are applied to Restaurant & Pub cleaning as those adhered to throughout CCS Kent’s cleaning client base

These include:

  • Regular contact with on-site restaurant and pub cleaning supervisors from CCS Kent’s management team
  • Inclusive restaurant and pub cleaning service which includes all cleaning equipment and materials required for our restaurant and pub cleaning staff to carry out their restaurant or pub cleaning.
  • Careful selection of restaurant & pub cleaners
  • Full training of all new restaurant and pub cleaners
  • Quality control cleaning checks of restaurant and pub clients by area managers
  • Ensuring staff have quality restaurant and pub cleaning equipment to complete their tasks

Additional benefits to restaurant and pub cleaning service are:

  • Additional back-up cleaning services
  • Restaurant and pub cleaning hours to suit your restaurant or pub
  • Ongoing restaurant and pub cleaning contracts
  • Restaurant and pub window cleaning
  • Cheap restaurant and pub cleaning and consumable supplies