Find out what we are doing to help our clients combat the spread of COVID-19

Our cleaners and cleaning service has always viewed the provision of a safe and clean environment for our clients as a top priority. Now with COVID-19 controlling much of our space, at work, at home, in education and in leisure facilities, the achievement of providing clean and sanitised surroundings at the places where we work is more important than ever.

Our clients expect a cleaning service that they can trust to ensure they can provide a safer working environment for their own staff, visitors, customers, and any others who might be at their place of work.

In practice, this means:

Ensuring that all cleaners are kept up to date with current guidance from government and Public Health England.

Training cleaners in the correct use of their equipment, chemicals, and PPE.

Complying with client’s own requirements to maintain their own procedures.

Being flexible and helpful if the cleaning service needs to be suspended and restarted due to local or national restrictions.

Providing no fuss anti-viral chemical deep cleaning options if there are suspected COVID – 19 cases at the property and performing if the client requires it, fogging.

Please Contact Us to see how we can help to make your workplace a clean and safe environment.