Entrance Mat and Rug Exchange Service in Kent


What is the standard length of a mat exchange contract?

All our mat exchange contracts are written for a 1-year period.

How often do entrance exchange mats get changed?

It will depend on the mat; Optimat Active and Extreme are changed fortnightly and Optimat Impact Colour and Optimat Impact Personal are changed weekly.

Can I have a bespoke size entrance exchange mat?

Bespoke size mats are available in the Optimat Impact Colour and Optimat Impact Personal. Bespoke mats must not exceed our Health and Safety limit of 3.85 square metres. Bespoke sizes are not available for Optimat Active or Extreme.

Is it possible to get an entrance exchange mat with my logo on it?

Yes of course, our Optimat Impact Personal mat is printed with your own bespoke design or logo. Please contact us for further information.