Female Hygiene Bins Service in Kent


Feminine Hygiene Bin / Sanitary Bin / Sani-Bin Waste Disposal Service
At CCS Kent we know from our long standing career in the cleaning industry, that the number one cause for complaints regarding toilets is bad smells.

CCS Kent’s sanitary bin service also known as feminine hygiene bins, Sani bins or sanitary service. Will arrive at your business premises on a regular scheduled visit and dispose of your sanitary waste.

This helps to reduce bad washroom aromas and comply with the law.

Sanitary bin Sani Bin service Sanitary Waste disposal unit
Since 1992 all businesses have to comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations no matter how big or small they are,

The Water Industries Act 1991 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. These acts refer to the safe disposal of sanitary bin service waste, which requires every business to dispose of their sanitary bin refuse by way of a licensed company.

With CCS Kent’s feminine hygiene service / sanitary bin service, we can provide you with all the relevant documentation your business requires to comply with the law.

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Official government sites may also be of assistance: