IT Computer Cleaning Services in Kent


Today, with health and safety high on the agenda, computer cleaning is still in great demand and with hot desking being a feature of many offices, sanitisation of keyboards and telephones is essential in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Regular preventative maintenance is also essential. It can not only extend the life of equipment, but can also help prevent equipment failure.

Which would consist of the following:

  • Cleaning with compressed air over keyboards, monitors & computers including vents.
  • Foam cleaning (sanitising) of all external parts to above equipment & mouse.
  • Work to take place outside office hours during normal cleaning times.
  • For this service all IT equipment must be switch off by the client prior to cleaning.

Based on the average workstation, one computer with keyboard, mouse, 17″ screen, handset telephone and small printer would cost £11.87 plus VAT (minimum charges apply). Future cleans will be discounted by 20% from standard prices as long as they take place within six months.

Find out why you need to have your computer equipment cleaned! Read more (Daily Mail)

Item one-off clean / initial clean 
£0.72 Mouse
£1.44 Screen up to 17″
£2.52 Screen over 17″ or Widescreen
£0.72 Screen stands or brackets
£0.72 Computer casing
£2.88 Keyboard
£1.08 Handset telephone
£1.44 Desktop telephone
£4.31 Printer/fax small desktop size
£7.19 Network printer type medium
£10.78 Floor standing large printer
£11.50 All in one workstation printer floor stand

3 – 6 months later save 20%
£0.58 Mouse
£1.15 Screen up to 17″
£2.01 Screen over 17″ or Widescreen
£0.58 Screen stands or brackets
£0.58 Computer casing
£2.30 Keyboard
£0.86 Handset telephone
£1.15 Desktop telephone
£3.45 Printer/fax small desktop size
£5.75 Network printer type medium
£8.63 Floor standing large printer
£9.20 All in one workstation printer floor stand

These prices are subject to change please contact us for an up to date price list.